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Top Green Solutions specializes in the production of beautifully designed, practical and durable environmental bags (Eco Bags). We are able to produce custom-made environmental bags for our customers according to their needs and wants. With our beautiful products, not only will each consumer be getting an exquisite environmentally-friendly non-woven bag along with their purchase, but retailers and merchants can also achieve effective advertising at the same time. This is a truly win-win scenario which explains the increasing popularity of non-woven bags in the market.


Top Green Solutions is the pioneer which introduced the ultrasonic technology to the environmental bags industry in Malaysia . The ultrasonic technology allows the new generation environmental bags to achieve a better-looking, classier and more durable finish. On top of this, with the efficient ultrasonic technology, the slow and cumbersome needle-and-thread processes are replaced. This results in us achieving cost-effectiveness and hence being able to offer our customers much more competitive pricing. With this advantage, we have expanded the sale of our products to other countries in addition to local markets.


Top Green Solutions uses PP non-woven material in the production of its environmental bags. This is an extremely tough, durable, classy-looking, breathable and washable green material which can be reused over and over again, and on which advertisements and logos etc. can be printed easily. As such, our non-woven environmental bag is the perfect choice for any company in any industry for its marketing purposes.


To meet the demands of the recycling industry, our company also keeps a diverse repertoire of exquisite non-woven coloured materials in stock. These are reasonably priced and may be ordered individually or in bulk according to your preference.


In addition, we also welcome orders for paper shopping bags, souvenir bags and biodegradable plastic bags.


We are proud to advocate the essence of recycling through our environmentally-friendly bags.














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